In the latest issue of Vogue Magazine, Daisy Ridley may have hinted that Luke Skywalker is in fact Rey’s father. She referenced the “emotional journey” her character would go on with Luke, stating:

[‘The Last Jedi’ is ] more of a conversation, as opposed to a big adventure. [‘Star Wars’ is] essentially a family drama that’s played out in this big, expansive world.

If that doesn’t spell out that Luke is Rey’s father without outright saying it, I don’t know what does. Star Wars is a family drama about the Skywalker family; it always has been and it always will be. After watching the trailer I was unsure if Rey was Luke’s daughter, but after reading this quote from Ridley and the context in which she said it, it’s almost confirmed in my mind. We even have visual parallels that compare/contrast Anakin Skywalker and his (possible) granddaughter, Rey.

Star Wars is a visual story and there are parallels littered throughout the Saga. These shots are not mere coincidence. What is Rian Johnson trying to tell us about Rey here, compared to Anakin? There’s an obvious parallel and there are even parallels with the characters, such as their aptitude for piloting and mechanics. Will Rey follow Anakin’s path moreso than Luke’s? There are so many questions and so many things to speculate about, but we do know that Rey will discover her parentage in The Last Jedi. My money is on Luke, and he left her because literally her power “frightened” him.

We’ll find out for sure on December 15.

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  • In all honesty, I was expecting this. I think its not going to be revealed so soon to keep up the suspense, but Luke is avoiding her, and trying not to say anything, because he doesn’t want to make things even worse. He abandoned her on purpose after what happened with Ben, his own nephew, and is afraid of her immense power going down the same path.

    Also, on what planet would Leia push Rey to go see Luke FIRST? Shouldn’t Leia, his own sister, go see him? If she is his daughter, which seems to be the most likely explanation, Leia pushing Rey to go see him makes all the more sense, and Leia is probably going to try to talk Luke into not making the same mistake she did with her son.

  • Xx_-Gaben_of_Gamen-_xX

    I would rather that she wasn’t a Skywalker, and let the line die with Luke. That would have a lot more impact then such an obvious trope – and for the love of all that’s holy, let Kylo Ren be the main character. He’s a lot more interesting than Ms Mary Sue Jedi.

  • Paul

    I thought Luke already explained the family tree in the Force Awakens trailer. The section where he is with R2 that was filmed by Abrahams as Force Awakens as a tease but saved for Last Jedi for the reveal. Where he states that his father had it, his sister had it, he has it, and now you have that power too……most people presumed it and the missing footage were just a red herring to trick viewers into thinking he was in the Force Awakens, but I believe (especially since the latest trailer) that the footage and dialogue is still to come and when he says it to his daughter Rey, viewers will first go “Woaah” at the reveal and then “double wooaahh” at the fact that scene was sat in the middle of a Force Awakens trailer in plain sight all along.
    This new trilogy we are seeing has been written out in plotline since the very beginning and the directors are throwing clues in left and right in the trailers for events not even due for that film, but a future one to come.
    It also sets up a spin off film for Reys mothers back story and how she met Luke.

    • Patrick Wells

      ” Where he states that his father had it, his sister had it, he has it, and now you have that power too……” That was dialogue from Return of the Jedi that they lifted. It was never in Force Awakens.

      • Paul

        No, it is similar to Return but the dialogue is different, he is talking to his sister in Return about him and his father having the power and her having it too, while the Awakens trailer he is talking about his father, himself AND his sister having the power to somone else who has that power too…….who is this someone else he is talking to? I think that speech and the missing scenes from that trailer will appear in episode 8 or 9. It makes no sense for them to include it in the trailer where he is talking to someone new about having the power if nobody else has it.

        Youtube the speech in Return and then listen to Awakens trailer……similar but very diffferent dialogue relating to someone very different……Return is directed toward Leia…. Awakens is clearly directed towards someone completely different.

  • wave

    kylo and rey are opposite side of the same coin if they flip kylo like some people are thinking they will flip rey as well.
    only way that wont feel forced on the viewers is if her parents where imperials or luke killed her dark side parents or she otherwise feels betrayed by resistance/luke or her parents are still alive working for the first order and the reason she was on jakku was done by one of the good guys to hide her from them.

    best would be if her parents are alive in first order territory but are really really really nice people and she was dropped on jakku because she had force potential and someone in resistance wanted to make sure she didnt end up working for the first order.

    • Morgan

      I think that Kylo is the Vader side, Rey is the Anakin side. a theory of mine for a while.

  • Patrick Wells

    She IS Anakin.

    • Morgan

      I remember that early potential spoiler. It would be interesting.