This past week, we reported on a rumor that came from an infamous leaker named Sabi that Breath of the Wild 2 is being planned for a 2020 release date at this time. Since the original story, we’ve done some additional research of our own and can say with confidence that Sabi has an impeccable track record and is a highly credible source. That being said, the Breath of the Wild 2 release window, of course, is subject to change, as Zelda is notorious for being delayed. Sabi re-iterates that this is not speculation; these are Nintendo’s official internal plans at the moment. He also acknowledges though that these are just plans. Remember, Breath of the Wild was delayed for years (it was originally planned to come out in 2015) before it finally launched alongside the Nintendo Switch.

We took some time to research this “Sabi”, and this is where things get interesting. We will re-iterate that this is just a rumor at this point and take it with a grain of salt, but it’s a rumor that has a great deal of credibility. Sabi has a proven track record. Last E3, he leaked the announcement of Tokyo Ghostwire; new Fallout 76 content; and Keanu Reeves’ appearance at Microsoft’s press conference, among other things. He had openly talked about leaking Nintendo’s entire direct presentation. Nintendo swiftly took action and issued Sabi a cease-and-desist through one of their attorneys. If Sabi were to breathe just one word of Nintendo’s E3 plans in 2019, Nintendo would have brought their full legal force down on him.

Breath of the Wild 2 Release Window Rumor

While this doesn’t prove without a shadow of a doubt that Breath of the Wild 2 will come out next year, it lends an enormous amount of credibility to the rumor that this is, in fact, their current plan. Sabi has legitimate inside information and has one of the best track records of any leaking in the gaming industry. He leaked, in near full-detail, all of E3 2019 before anything was announced. He was pre-emptively threatened by Nintendo’s legal team to prevent him from revealing the company’s “trade secrets.” If Sabi were illegitimate, why would Nintendo track someone down using nothing but an online pseudonym?

While nothing is confirmed, the Nintendo Switch may yet receive another Zelda masterpiece for the Nintendo Switch next year if all things go according to the current plan.

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