Bethesda is taking the Walmart Canada leak in stride. In response to the leak, their official Twitter account only had one word in response: “dude.” The official Rage account, which had been relatively inactive as of late, posted an image making fun of the placeholder image. It pointed out all the flaws in it.

This is where Bethesda stepped in, simply responding “dude”, acknowledging the leak.

This subtlely confirms the fact that Rage 2 will be revealed by Bethesda at E3 2018 and gives credence to the Walmart Canada slip-up. While we don’t know for sure, all will be revealed at Bethesda’s E3 2018 Showcase on Sunday, June 10, at 6:30 PDT.

In addition, this also gives credence to the other games that were leaked through Walmart Canada, particularly Gears of War 5 and the next entry in the Forza Horizon franchise. While Bethesda is taking this in stride and at least acknowledging it, it will be interesting how other companies will react.

There is no way Microsoft will announce Gears, their flagship series, before their press conference on June 10. It is possible, however, that other developers will follow Bethesda’s lead and at least give the leak a nod, which is all they should do at this point.

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