Anime Expo 2019 treated gamers with announcements from Aksys Games which revealed their upcoming lineup. The titles that were shown display just how important Japanese imports are especially to the Nintendo Switch. Aksys Games shines in comparison to other major panels at the event thanks to the amount of content shown off.

Aksys Games

As the panel began, fans were introduced to the team at Aksys while they exchanged quips and banter with each other, in addition to the audience. They spared no time before their first few reveals. The lovable platformer, Gabbuchi, was announced for the PlayStation 4 and Steam, alongside the upcoming, Ghost Parade. Following these two, the company announced a new Twitch Channel called, Aksys Fight Club. This is set to display their self-published fighters in tournaments and let’s plays for fans to view.

An announcement that got the crowd completely riled up with excitement was the reveal of Fishing Star World Tour. This title features over 180 different species of fish, 40 fishing spots, and loads of gear that can be swapped around. The game is also planned to utilize the Nintendo Labo Toy-Con Fishing Rod so players can truly capture the essence of reeling in a giant fish.

Finally, the company gave its biggest news that a slew of Otome titles are being localized for the Nintendo Switch. This includes the Code Realize series, Café Enchanté, and the newly announced Piofire. In addition to these, the successor to the visual novel, Death Mark, is seeing its western localization in Spirit Hunter: NG. Many familiar characters reappear in this title but it is not a direct sequel. These are huge additions to the Switch library and show just how much Aksys Games cares about porting games to the West that may not have been able to previously.

Aksys Games

Below are all the announcements made during the panel:

  • Gabbuchi, July 18 (PS4, Steam)
  • Ghost Parade, November 2019 (PS4, NSW, Steam)
  • Aksys Fight Club, new company Twitch Channel with an emphasis on fighting games.
  • Fishing Star World Tour (NSW)
  • Otome Titles coming to Nintendo Switch
  • Code Realize: Guardian of Rebirth, December 2019, (NSW)
  • Code Realize: Future Blessings, 2020, (NSW)
  • Collar X Malice: Unlimited, 2020, (NSW)
  • Café Enchanté, 2020, (NSW)
  • Piofire, Working title, 2020, (NSW)
  • Spirit Hunter: NG, October 2019, (PS4, PSV, NSW, Steam)

Aksys Games did not disappoint with their upcoming lineup of titles. Fishing Star World Tour and Spirit Hunter: NG were definite highlights of the showcase and made the crowd incredibly excited. The number of localizations coming to the Nintendo Switch from the company is massive because it allows the system to be much more open and breaks down the region barrier seen in previous generations. It was a fantastic showing and it makes this upcoming year look fantastic especially for the hybrid console.