Activision Blizzard is hiring a Quest Designer for an unannounced Diablo project, possibly Diablo 4. The applicant will need to be able to have the “ability to craft quests, stories, characters, and events within a dark fantasy and gothic horror-based world.” The reason this may be for Diablo 4 is that it asks applicants to list their experiences with console and PC games.

“The Diablo team is looking for a talented content designer with a combined gameplay and storytelling background to help us create play areas, quests, characters, and dialogue for an upcoming project. The ideal candidate must be able to collaborate within design, audio, localization, and engineering groups to efficiently and creatively implement quest-focused content and write compelling game narrative with a firm understanding of how story translates into gameplay.


  • Knowledge of Blizzard worlds and gameplay—specifically, the gothic fantasy of Diablo
  • Strong understanding of the fundamentals of quest design, including key gameplay concepts, pacing, and character voice
  • Solid grasp of the styles of writing that work best for dark fantasy and gothic horror role-playing games
  • Ability to craft quests, stories, characters, and events within a dark fantasy and gothic horror-based world
  • Experience with world building and writing for role playing games
  • Able to communicate effectively, inspire creativity, and describe scenes to a wide variety of individuals and perspectives
  • Able to work to maintain a positive attitude in a driven, highly collaborative and iterative team environment.


  • Knowledge of successful intellectual properties in dark fantasy and gothic horror genres, and the ability to speak to what made them successful
  • Experience with scripting languages like as LUA or Python
  • Working knowledge of technical writing and editing
  • Knowledge of and experience creating of RPG maps and points of interest within a shared world
  • Experience creating and running pen and paper RPG campaigns, and/or live-action RPGs.

Required Application Materials

  • Resume
  • Cover letter, including:
  • What games you are currently playing
  • Your experience with PC and console role-playing games.”

If you meet these requirements, this is a dream job come true. After the backlash over the Diablo mobile game, Diablo Immortal, this is most definitely for a proper Diablo game. Activision Blizzard does not want any more bad press after that fiasco, regardless of whether the game ends up being excellent or not.

Stay tuned as this story unfolds.

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