With the latest news of the general runtime for The Rise of Skywalker leaking, Jordan Maison from Cinelinx has revealed that they have tested up to eight different endings for the film for audiences. The film is still in the editing process and has yet to be completed, but JJ Abrams is a perfectionist and wants to hit the right emotional cues for the ending of the final installment in the Skywalker Saga. These endings aren’t alternate endings per se, simply different cuts of the same general ending.

With that being said, the endings of each film are always the most emotionally powerful. They are almost completely silent with a beautiful musical montage scored by legendary composer John Williams. The only film that lacked this was The Last Jedi, and while the film tried to mix things up and do something new, this is one of the aspects in the film that failed miserably.

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With news breaking that the final piece in the score is a whopping nine-minutes long, this could include the final musical montage, ending with Rey on Tatooine at the Lars Homestead, which is something we broke before anybody else did (Jedi Praxis and Jason Ward later reported this weeks after we did.) With JJ Abrams at the helm and John Williams composing his final Star Wars film, the ending of the film should be one of the most epic in the Saga.

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