Developer, Yacht Club Games, has revealed a few new cheat codes for Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. The company recently appeared on Episode 24 of the Nintendo Power podcast. Here, the indie development team was interviewed about a range of topics regarding the game, as well as fan submissions. As a fun bonus to fans, they unveiled two cheats that could be used throughout their experience. They are as follows:

  • I&!VSB – Player is invisible
  • L&ER0E – Enemies are twice their normal size

Shovel Knight

These are two fun-spirited cheats that can help players get the most of out of their playthroughs. Game alterations have been a contentious topic of debate recently among the gaming community. Sparked by a tweet from Cinemassacre’s Mike Matei that read, “Retweet if you agree: If you use the “rewind feature” that’s now standard on many NES and SNES games available on Switch, you DID NOT by any stretch of the imagination beat the god damn game.” Fans quickly began to voice their opinions and became split on the matter.

Many picked their sides including JonTron who agreed “100%” with Matei’s comments while others such as Alanah Pearce simply saying “ok boomer.” Regardless of one’s beliefs, one thing is for certain though, cheat codes can be a fun addition to any game whether it alter the game’s mechanics or its visual appearances.

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove is available on all major systems including Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Nintendo Power Episode 24 can be heard on iTunes Podcasts here.