Oh Monolith Soft, you have made my dreams come true after toying with my heart for such a long time. I really am trying not to be biased here, but this news is just that incredible.

Tonight, the official Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Twitter account tweeted out a video and some artwork of one of the most beloved and badass characters in JRPG history. Any Xeno fan will know her well, and she will act as a Blade in the game.

KOS-MOS is back! I can’t simply be objective here. It makes my heart flutter. Namco Bandai, Tetsuya Takahashi and Monolith Soft KOS-MOS were able to incorporate the beloved character from the Xenosaga series in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Her design is by her original character designer, Kunihiko Tanaka.

We have no idea if her role is large or small, but regardless, the hunt will be on. Hardcore fans will waste no time attempting to find her. While she may just be a side character, given her history, I doubt Bandai Namco would take the time for their artists to design her and give her a role in the game if she were to have an almost non-existent part in the game.

Xenosaga Character Crosses Over into Xenoblade Chronicles 2

This isn’t Xenosaga 4 which fans have been hoping for. That will never happen, unfortunately. But to put KOS-MOS in a game of this magnitude, especially considering that she is carrying twin Zohars(!!!!) as her weapons, well…who really knows at this point. This may open up the door for future collaborations, depending on how the game does.

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