What if Scarlet Witch caused a House of M event in Infinity War? The House of M story in the Marvel comics was a storyline, where after Vision died, Scarlet Witch lost her mind. She “created” a reality where Vision lived, they had two children, and everything that had happened in comics never happened.  So, when the House of M occurred, the reader found out this was a fabric of her unstable psyche, which lives up to her mutant-Alpha power level. House of M wiped away 10 years of Marvel history, it was not well-liked, but it did “fix” many plot holes. 

How this relates to the MCU

Scarlet Witch caused a House of M

In Infinity War, Scarlet Witch watched Vision die at the hands of Thanos. He ripped the Mind Stone from his head. She became over stricken with grief. She was also snapped out of existence. This sounds similar to the comic, without the snapped part. In the comic Scarlet Witch goes nuts, Cap is an aged veteran, Spider-Man is a celebrity and is married to Gwen Stacy, Carol Danvers is Captain Marvel, and Dr. Strange is a psychologist.  This sounds eerily similar to what transpires in the MCU.

At the end of Endgame, Cap is an aged vet, Spiderman is a celebrity, and Carol Danvers is Captain Marvel. Interesting…

Scarlet Witch Caused a House of M Protocol

My theory goes like this: from the point she saw Vision die, she created a new reality. This reality saw Thanos win and all the heroes reunite to beat their sinister adversary. They defeat him and all is well, but everything has changed. Captain America being an old man is the biggest clue. This was one of the most startling moments in both the movie and the comic, and to me, this was not only a call back to the comic, but a big clue.  

Say it takes three-to-four months to film a movie. Then, another month for reshoots. Both Avengers films (Endgame and Infinity War) took over a year to film, and this is not including post-production. What if (comic throwback), the Russo’s planned this far out in advance for whoever takes the helm moving forward in the MCU, leaving areas within the films that they can rewrite history (just like in the comics)? What if during that whole year they shot unused footage to be used later in case new filmakers decided on a House of M re-do?  Bring back the young Cap, fix all of Spider-Man’s timeline, etc.? Sounds crazy, right? And would have to be a master storyteller. I know, this sounds like a pipe dream.

What is this WandaVision series on Disney+?

Details are sketchy at the moment, but it focuses on Wanda and Vision.  Is this before Vision’s death? Will this show tell that tale, or is this planting the seeds for a House of M/Scarlet Witch scenario, where Scarlet Witch goes off the rails?

OMG! Is it happening? Everyone hang on to their seatbelts and stay calm!

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