No one thinks of FUNimation without thinking of anime. For most, Binbougami ga! (Good Luck Girl in English) is not one of them. With only a single season being released, no doubt this masterpiece flew under the radar, hence the article name. It goes without saying that Binbougami ga! is an underrated anime, so let’s get right into it!

High school student, Ichiko Sakura is lucky. I mean, extremely lucky! Whether it’s being the most popular girl in school or getting people to do what she wants, she always has it good. At least, that’s until a God of Misfortune by the name of Momiji arrives to take away Ichiko’s fortune, claiming that the teenager is only lucky because she subconsciously drains those around her of their fortune. Ouch.

Underrated Anime: Binbougami ga!

Her shenanigans with the poverty god lands them both in a lot of funny situations. Referencing well-known anime such as Dragon Ball Z, Fist of the North Star, and Naruto are a few to name. Yet while the show parodies these franchises, it still manages to have a story of its own. The characters are especially a strong aspect of the anime, which is what I favor the most in storytelling.

Ichiko starts off as a selfish teenager who only cares about herself and no one else. If someone’s in need, she’ll only help them if it benefits her. Because she has the perfect life, she never has to worry about anything. When watching it, a part of you wants to be in her place: having good food, a mansion, rich, and talented in every way. However, then you come to realize how boring it would be to get everything you wanted without having to work. The obstacles we face are what makes us who we are.

Underrated Anime: Binbougami ga!

While Ichiko displays a strong persona on the outside, she’s actually really lonely. One of her classmates is poor, living the exact opposite life that she has, though he’s happy regardless. These scenarios are seen in real life as well. Sure, money makes life a lot easier but does that really buy happiness? You can buy friends but they won’t necessarily be true to you and if you don’t get hurt you can’t learn. What comes easy won’t last, but what lasts won’t come easy. These kinds of anime relay the importance of letting oneself be human and Binbougami ga! does an exceptional job at just that.

Underrated Anime: Binbougami ga!

But let’s talk about the opening for a bit! Performed by Piko, the intro song, “Make My Day” has a positive beat to it. Corresponding with the message of looking forward and having a positive mindset is definitely something you’d want to set your alarm to. Seeing Ichiko and Momiji engage in a battle of wits as well as shots of lovable side characters prepares you for another exciting and positive episode.

Having first watched this masterpiece in 2014, it still remains one of my favorites to this day. It deserves whatever recognition it can get!

Binbougami ga! is available for streaming on FUNimation and Amazon Prime

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