This may seem like an egregious statement to make, but the Nintendo Switch is the greatest console of all-time, surpassing the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. While other consoles may be technologically superior, the Switch has proven that power doesn’t matter. With its steady release of high-quality software and its portability factor, the Nintendo Switch is like no other console to date. Nintendo has, once again, proven their genius. Their launch of the system was near-perfect, launching with what may be the most-anticipated game of all-time, Breath of the Wild. Since then, Nintendo hasn’t looked back, releasing a first-party exclusive almost every month. The Nintendo Switch doesn’t just have first-party support, but third-party as well. Who would have guessed a company like Bethesda, of all people, would be giving the Switch heavy support? Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance 3 was a Nintendo Switch exclusive. The Switch has a software library that rivals the best consoles, and this will only continue to grow.

Nintendo Switch is The Greatest Console Of All-Time

The Super Nintendo is the pinnacle of video game systems. It had it all; software, software, software, and even for 16-bit graphics, it was endearing. The Switch has these things, except for the downgrade in graphics, and what is shaping up to be the greatest software lineup on any console in recent memory. This is not an easy thing to do in this day and age, especially with all the competition, so, to put this many quality titles out in just under three years is quite an accomplishment. The Super Nintendo has a large array of games, but it had little-to-no competition. The Nintendo Switch is going up against two other consoles. It makes sense that it wouldn’t have as many titles as Nintendo’s previous consoles, but, despite this, it’s found a way to persevere. This is impressive within itself.

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While looking at the past three years, the Nintendo Switch, by far, has the best exclusives of any console. This is an astounding feat. While other companies are preparing for their next-generation systems, Nintendo is continuing to plow forward with the Switch. Almost every month they release an exclusive title, whether it be first-party or otherwise. The reason why people play specific consoles, to begin with, is for exclusives, and the Switch has the best exclusives of any Nintendo console in the history of the company. Super Mario Odyssey rivals Super Mario WorldBreath of the Wild rivals A Link to the PastXenoblade Chronicles 2 is better than all of the Final Fantasy titles on the Super Nintendo. The Switch’s lineup is truly astounding and helps it surpass its predecessor. Not to mention the plethora of indie support and library available from independent developers, who, are the main force software-wise. They beath out Sony and Microsoft consistently on this and this generation is the generation of Independent developers.

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The Xbox and PlayStation systems are great, but the Nintendo Switch surpasses them as well. While it may not have as much power as the current incarnations of those systems, it does, however, have much better exclusives. The PlayStation 2 is the only system that comes close in terms of matching the Nintendo Switch, but once again, the first-party software lineup (something Sony seems to lack) beats it out and the portability factor for the Switch puts it over the edge as the greatest console of all-time. Both Xbox’s are great (not counting the One, already discussed), but shooters can only carry a console so far. Sony did a great job of mixing things up on their consoles, but, there’s something magical about Nintendo hardware that sets it apart from the rest.  It’s not just the hardware, but the software as well. While the original PlayStation had some wonderful games (and RPGs), Xenoblade has surpassed those, with a remake of the original coming to the Switch this year. Sony nor Microsoft have the staying power that Nintendo has, and the Switch is their best console.

The Nintendo Switch is the greatest console of all-time. In its three short years of existence, it has managed to build one of the best software lineups in the history of gaming, surpassing even the best of Sony and Microsoft, as well as its predecessor, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Nintendo has been mum on their plans for this upcoming year, but, suffice to say that they won’t disappoint. With Animal Crossing New Horizons being released in just under a month, the Switch will see yet another masterpiece, which is a pattern at this point. While Microsoft and Sony have seen stellar games on all their systems, masterpieces included, the Switch has too many high-quality first-party titles, which is why it’s the greatest video game console of all-time.

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