There are 19 Zelda games and all are terrific. There are some hidden gems though. There are so many games to choose from that one could say is the most underrated Zelda game, but despite review scores, that game is A Link Between Worlds. There are a few reasons why this is the case, and we’ll go through those, but the main reason is because many view it simply as another version of A Link to the Past. It’s not. In fact, it’s better. It is a top-five Legend of Zelda game, a viewpoint that not many hold. This is another aspect that counts towards its minimization. It is not viewed as a bad Zelda game, but there are several aspects of the title that are overlooked, making it the most underrated Zelda game.

Most Underrated Zelda Game

A Link Between Worlds is the ultimate puzzle game. The dungeons and the puzzles are amongst the best in the series, if not the best, and this is due to the wall-merging gameplay mechanic. It introduces brand new possibilities never seen before in a Zelda game. Even the early dungeons offer mind-bending puzzles, which is rare for a Zelda game, as usually, the first few dungeons are rather simple. This is not the case in A Link Between Worlds, though they are easier than later puzzles and dungeons in the game.

A Link Between Worlds is the only 3DS game I have played all the way through in 3D. This is actually very significant. The puzzles themselves require the 3D. There is a depth of field which is lost if you do not play it in 3D. There are vertical levels that are pertinent to see in puzzles that are very difficult to see if you don’t play the game in 3D. It makes the use of the 3D effect perfectly and adds to the puzzles. This, combined with the wall-merging mechanic, give it the best puzzles in any Zelda game and makes it the ultimate puzzle game.

The story is actually pretty in-depth. The cutscenes are on the level of a console 3D Zelda title. Unlike A Link to the PastOcarina of Time, and Twilight Princess, the story of A Link Between Worlds isn’t a carbon copy of those games and differentiates itself from even the best Zelda stories. The characters are wonderful. Hilda and her motivations are complex, Yuga is a new and different kind of villain, which is a breath of fresh air, and Ravio has an unexpected level of development. Combine all of these factors and the story makes for one of the best in the franchise which goes underlooked.

most underrated zelda game

On top of this, A Link Between Worlds made way for a game like Breath of the Wild. Items can be acquired in any order, and the dungeons can be played in any order, making each playthrough a brand new experience. This is what Breath of the Wild did with its dungeons, and it was almost as if Nintendo was testing it out to see how players would react. The answer was it was an astounding success. Certain orders made the game more difficult too. If in the Dark World, you start with the Ice Palace, you will have an incredibly difficult, yet challenging and rewarding experience once you beat it. It makes way for both veterans and new players, making it accessible, as certain dungeon orders make the game easier.

A Link Between Worlds is easily the most underrated Zelda game. As stated, it may have incredible reviews, yet when compared to the other top-tier games in the franchise, it is constantly overlooked. It’s easily one of the top five games in the series, and even better than its predecessor, A Link to the Past. It is the ultimate puzzle game, as its wall-merging mechanic is easily one of the most innovative gameplay mechanics in the franchise. The story and characters are stellar, and the game has infinite replayability due to the fact that the dungeons can be played in any order.

As a Zelda game, it’s easily one of the best, and if you haven’t played it, you need to experience it.


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