San Diego Comic Con has come and gone this year, and as expected there’s more content than ever. While I personally was unable to get my hands on a badge, I took advantage of the outside activities the convention had to offer. More specifically, the Nintendo booth. Being a Nintendo enthusiast myself, there’s no way I could pass up this opportunity.

I waited in line for about one-to-two hours or so to get into the main gaming hall, but the line to play the new Super Smash Bros. was short and went by quickly. Once you got in, attendees were given the privilege to demo Nintendo’s upcoming content. This included the Nintendo Labo, Super Smash Bros., and much much more. Children were given special cards in which staff gave them stamps for every game they played. Once the collection of stamps was complete they could choose from a variety of Nintendo merch.

In addition to the interactive experience Nintendo offered, attendees were also able to take pictures with beloved Nintendo characters. Popular characters such as Pikachu and Evee from Pokemon were present in the morning, with Mario from the famed Super Mario Bros. series appearing in the afternoon-to-evening.

Being able to play unreleased content and taking pictures with beloved characters are fun; but what’s a convention without cosplay? Nerds and Geeks alike dressed up as their favorite characters from all sorts of media. While I wasn’t there to witness all of the talented costumes, there were still many that I fell in love with. Here are three very notable cosplayers I came across while wandering the outside con.

Aqua rains in! Get it?

Ms. Mario and Luigi offer free costumes!

This San Diego Comic Con was short lived, but the experience made the trip well worth it.

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Brianna Barboza is a college student, currently majoring in Arts and Technology. Having played video games and watched anime at a young age, she works towards pursuing her passion. Her ultimate goal is to work in Japan as a creative director.

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