In a Patreon-exclusive stream, Jason Ward of discussed a rumor regarding Rey’s parentage. Allegedly, Rey’s parentage will be revealed in The Rise of Skywalker and will be revealed in the next installment in the Skywalker saga. Her mother will not be Keri Russell’s character, which has been widely speculated. Instead, her mother will be unnamed but her father will be none other than Han Solo. He had another child with another woman before his son was a teenager. This would have taken place before Ben was sent to Luke’s Jedi temple for training, as there’s about an 11 year age difference between Rey and Ben/Kylo Ren.

First of all, it would cause some problems, most notably the character assassination of Han Solo. Han has always been a scoundrel, but a cheater on top of that, having a child with another woman? I don’t buy it. Leia was the love of his life and he wouldn’t cheat on her, and in turn, have a child with another woman. This would retroactively destroy his character.

Rey and Ben being siblings would be a nice parallel to Jacen and Jaina from the EU, but to retroactively make her the daughter of a legacy character is cheap. Luke would make more sense given her sheer force sensitivity, but, that ship, unfortunately, has already sailed. She should have been Luke’s daughter but that will never come to pass.

Rey’s parentage in The Rise of Skywalker will be revealed, but it makes no sense for Han Solo to be her father. Which, of course, is why Lucasfilm will do it. Subverted expectations everyone!

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