A new Pokemon GO update has been released today labeled 0.31.0.  This new update has brought a variety of tweaks and fixes to the Pokemon GO experience. This update contains enough to warrant the attention of every active player of the game.

The footprints that nearby Pokemon would leave behind to help you find them have been removed from the game.  This means tracking down Pokemon has just gotten a lot more difficult. Nearby Pokemon may be right around the corner or all the way down the block, but the game gives you no indication of which any longer.

Avatars can now be customized after character creation. In order to do this you just have to go to your trainer profile screen. Viola, the ability to completely change your appearance, is now available on the go.

A plethora of other minor changes have been added as well. This includes pop up warnings instructing players not to drive, trespass, or enter any dangerous locations. Memory issues have been fixed and animations updated. Overall this Pokemon GO update has brought a lot to the table to enhance the game’s experience.

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