Pokemon GO is the latest Nintendo brand to hit the mobile market. Already becoming the number one mobile game of all time in such a short span, it has become a worldwide and cultural phenomenon. The question is, will this last? This is a question that many are currently asking, with prominent video game analysts claiming that this phenomenon won’t last for more than a couple of months. In fact, Nintendo had it’s most successful day since 1983 thanks to Pokemon GO. If history is any indication though, Pokemon GO is not a fad and has all the makings of a game that has the potential for long-term success.


Pokemon GO is Not a Fad — It Has all the Makings of Success

I grew up in the 90s. In fact, I was in middle school when Pokemon Blue and Red were released. At first, I was that rebel kid who refused to play the games simply because everyone else was. I was soon sucked in to this latest craze though. Students would arrive to school early simply to trade Pokemon and battle one another, en mass. The outside of the school was completely engulfed with barely any walking room to speak of. I was astonished. How could this game turn into an overnight phenomenon? It is true that Pokemon did die down a bit and wasn’t the hit it once was, but it is still incredibly popular and one of Nintendo’s most beloved franchises. Pokemon GO has seemed to revitalized this craze. People are now able to take on the role of a true Pokemon trainer, exploring their surroundings and finding wild Pokemon just like in the game. It is genius and what every Pokemon fan has always dreamed of. It has even brought Pokemon fans who haven’t played the series since the early days to be enticed by the mobile game. Players are gathering in large numbers in search of these pocket monsters that have become so beloved. Just the other day in Boca Raton, Florida, according to my brother, 300 people gathered simply to collect Pokemon. If this isn’t a sign of how enthralled people are with this latest incarnation of Pokemon, I don’t know what is. Just imagine what it is like in large cities like New York and Los Angeles; it must be overwhelmingly insane. This phenomenon has captivated the world. Everyone said the original Pokemon games would just be a fad that would die out. They were wrong. Pokemon is a series that still dwells deep in our hearts and this is why Pokemon GO is not a fad, if history is any indication.


Pokemon GO is Not a Fad — Updates are Sure to Come

While analysts cite that the longevity of Pokemon GO will ultimately be the reason why the game will phase out, there is now way that the Pokemon Company and Nintendo will allow one of their largest money makers to falter. While the game is incredibly captivating and has engrossed players, there are improvements that can be made. There is no doubt in my mind that the game will build on its initial success and continue to grow with its audience. There are so many Pokemon to choose from that can be added to the title and additional features that can be added, and Niantic surely realizes this. Nintendo and the Pokemon Company will want to continue the success of the title and with the two companies’ track records, there is no way they will allow Pokemon GO to simply dwindle. Pokemon GO is not a fad because all parties involved will continue to build on the foundation they have built. Even with the initial build, while the game may seem simplistic, it is incredibly immersive, which is the whole point of the gaming medium and why gamers are so captivated by it, which makes other mobile games to pale in comparison.

Pokemon GO is Not a Fad — Bringing People Together

Pokemon has been successful in every incarnation of the series. Although no game has sold as much as Red/Blue, almost each Pokemon title has sold at least 10 million plus copies. This is no small feat. Considering this is the largest Pokemon phenomenon since Pokemon Blue/Red, it is safe to say that Pokemon GO is here to stay. It has the potential to have a longstanding effect and possibly change the mobile gaming market as we know it. It is an immersive experience, bringing children, parents, and those my age who grew up in the wake of the Pokemon phenomenon together, which has never been done before. By bringing Pokemon fans of all wakes of life together, it is the ultimate Pokemon experience, which is why it is will continue its massive success.

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