No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again is landing on Nintendo Switch, as announced today at PAX West during Nintendo’s Nindies presentation. Suda51 previously hinted at the title during the Nintendo Switch presentation earlier this year, but this is the first time we’ve gotten a look at the game. It’s being developed with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine and Travis has never looked better. The art style is both charming and comic-book like, giving the game a unique feel that sets it a part from its contemporaries (in classic Nintendo fashion, by the way.) The previous two games came out for the Nintendo Wii, and given the huge success of the Switch, it’s only fitting that the title is coming out on Nintendo’s latest hit console. This could be a real sleeper for the Switch and oozes with potential.

Look for Travis to touch down on the Nintendo Switch in 2018. This is just one more exclusive that Nintendo is adding to its repertoire, and given the sheer amount of quality content that’s coming out for the console, we could see Nintendo dominate the industry once again in the years to come. See how much having a consistent release schedule of high-quality games helps?

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Morgan Lewis is a Video Game Journalist and Founder and Editor-in-Chief of VG Culture HQ. He has been writing about games for over four years and has written over 900 articles during that timespan. He first fell in love with gaming when he received A Link to the Past for Christmas when he was six. He also loves anime and anything that has to do with gaming culture.

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  • PlaySaviour4

    Just play TLOZ:BotW on Wii U.
    Not much difference.
    No need to play a Wii U port game on a very expensive underpowered overpriced Nintendo scam machine.

    • heavenshitman1

      Switch will give me the opportunity to play BOTW 10 times as often as the WiiU (and any game on any other system). That’s the vlaue of admission there.
      And rather bleak to call what may potentially crown as game of the year some kinda scam.
      You seen the accolades this game’s already racking up over a month from release?

      • PlaySaviour4

        It is only praised because of the Zelda sticker slapped on it.
        Take that away and what do you have? A low budget barren open world game.

        • heavenshitman1

          Remember when I said about the accolades its made so far?
          The latest (2 week old) trailer for BOTW is awesome cause it’s showing off a well done game, not cause its got Link in it. Have you seen that trailer?
          On youtube its exceeding 7 million views with over 140k upvotes

          Compare that to Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4 (as its directly competing agaonst BOTW for release date and game genre)

          The most popular trailer I see for that games has bout 7 mil+ views. But that’s 7 months old with only 47k upvotes.

          Could be argued that Zelda has more commercial appeal or maybe got better exposure (maybe).
          But BOTW should be a great game. Even again ‘Zero Dawn’
          I’ve played every Zelda on a home console with most iterations being slightly underwhelming.
          I think this will be my fav new Zelda

          • PlaySaviour4

            Its a low budget 2015 game with all the recycled tried and true Zelda tropes rolled in with tried and true gameplay elements copied from other third person game like Uncharted and open world games.
            Nintendo is so predictable.
            Zelada used to be a premium cutting edge game series in all fronts then it got kiddiefied and kiddified downhill.
            Nintendo could have gone that 2012 E3 tech demo but no they want more money for less investment.

          • heavenshitman1

            I’m not sure how you get the ‘cut and paste’ business from other games.
            Zelda in general was like the first game in history to sport the open world genre, and more or less defined much of the genre type in the 3D world on N64.
            You cited Uncharted. I’m guessing many ppl would have called that series predictable, I actually haven’t played them, but i gather the gist to most of them is near identical. Hunt a treasure, run, gun.
            And Zelda having a barren world, you can’t predict that more or less not having seen the game yet.
            Once again, comparing one of the most anticipated titles on the currently best selling console, Horizon Zero Dawn. The trailers tend to promote more features in Zelda. Interactivity ,don’t see tree’s being cut down and utilised in Horizon,
            Environmental attributes, don’t see the protagonist reacting to weather effects in Horizon.
            Motion Controls, doubting Horizon will sport precise motion aiming unlike BOTW.

            Not to say Horizon might not include any of this, but from the main trailers I’ve seen, it yet seems to depict all these type features.

            BOTW might not the the game for everyone, it might not be GOTY, but you can be pretty sure it’ll be a massive success. Not cause its called Zelda
            All your knocks on it seem based on your bias, not factual evidence of anything

          • PlaySaviour4

            Motion Controls?
            My goodness you brain washed Nintendo fans.
            What a pity you guys are still stuck backwards.

            You still care about obsolete gimmicks?

            “not having seen the game yet.”

            Many of us have moved forward since the N64.
            Nintendo is a backwards company now.

            Zelda is a very old Wii U game port on a supposed to be 9th gen console.
            No amount of your babble can tefute that fact.

          • PlaySaviour4

            They are charging for brand name not premium game performance.

  • PlaySaviour4

    This scam game is no different to that 3DS Metroid game Federation Forces.
    A 5th generation Gamecube looking and playing game with the Legend of Zelda sticker slapped on it.
    another Underpowered Overpriced scam by Nintendo designed for sucker moms and man-children.

  • MEANchi

    Wait… So you “NEED” to get a system that has been out for four years and are offering a bunch of Japanese titles (which is for a fairly niche gaming audience. Majority of PS4 owners don’t care nor even know wth those games are.). The other is a new console with 1 game??? What’s the point of this 😂😂 Who exactly is this article for?? 😂😂 Cmon it’s hype that’s all this is. And biased hype makes noise on the Internet. That’s why people buy stuff these days. That’s why you wrote this article. “Is horizon and zelda console sellers” *fixed* there’s more for your hype bs

  • DevilDogA99

    The Nintendo Switch will be dying by next Christmas. After the hype and its few games come out this year, it will all be down hill. It’s making the same mistakes as the Wii-U and now it cost more.

  • MiamiBeachMedMan

    The Pro will keep me busy for my home gaming on a giant screen, and I’m looking forward to taking the Switch with me wherever I go, cuz, ya know, Zelda. That’s the only game I’m interested in for the Switch at the moment, but it’s enough. Can’t say I’m interested in Nintendo’s subscription service though….I won’t be signing up for that b.s.