The Legend of Zelda. Super Mario. Mario Kart. Skyrim Remastered. Splatoon. All of these games were shown today during Nintendo’s teaser video for their upcoming console, the Nintendo Switch. In fact, the Nintendo Switch’s reveal was delayed from September because Super Mario wasn’t running “perfectly.” There may be a question of how early these games are in development, but Nintendo wouldn’t show games that aren’t ready to be seen. This is a common trend with them over the years. The Nintendo Switch will have the best launch lineup in console history.


I expected Super Mario to be shown in the Nintendo Switch reveal trailer, but Mario Kart!? This was the largest surprise next to Skyrim, but we’ll get to that later. Mario Kart is one of Nintendo’s most consistent series’ in terms of quality. The fact that Nintendo decided to show it means that it will come out during the system’s launch window. Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U was one of the most successful games for the system, and for good reason. It’s non-stop fun and the most successful racing franchise of all time. There is no reason why Mario Kart for the Nintendo Switch will be any different.


The latest iteration of Super Mario was expected to be shown for the Nintendo Switch. What wasn’t expected was just how good it looks. Instead of Mario Galaxy 3, which many fans clamored for, Nintendo went for something that looks remeniscent of Super Mario 64. This is something fans have wanted for a very long time. 3D Mario is going back to its roots, and this is not a bad thing. In fact, it’s quite exciting. All signs point to Mario being a launch title, especially in light of recent rumors. There wouldn’t be Mario launch posters if the game weren’t a Switch launch title.


Nintendo fans have been waiting for a new Zelda game for five years. Finally, they are getting one. It’s co-launching on both the Wii U and the Nintendo Switch, but let’s be honest, most gamers will get it for the Switch. When the Wii launched, Twilight Princess was a system seller. Breath of Wild is in a similar position 10 years later. The thing is, Breath of the Wild is not alone this time. It’s going to be accompanied by a brand new Super Mario game and Mario Kart. That is one hell of a lineup. Yes, third-party support matters, but with that kind of launch lineup, everything will fall into place. If Mario Kart is a launch title, as we believe it is, the Nintendo Switch will have the best launch lineup for any console.


Skyrim was the biggest surprise in the Nintendo Switch reveal trailer. No one saw this coming. To have such a heavy hitter like Bethesda come out and support the Nintendo Switch is huge. Some may claim that this is just a tech demo, but there is no way Nintendo would feature it so prominently in their reveal trailer if it weren’t coming out for the system. Skyrim is one of the most beloved games of last generation and is receiving the remaster treatment this generation. This shows that the Nintendo Switch has the power to handle these types of third-party games, and there will be more to follow. If Bethesda is backing the Nintendo Switch like this, more heavy hitting publishers and developers will as well with actual content. Considering the Skyrim remaster is not that far off, in all likelihood it will launch with the Nintendo Switch.

Why will the Nintendo Switch will have the best launch lineup of any console to date? Everything indicates that it will launch with a new Zelda game, Mario game, Mario Kart game, Splatoon¬†(a follow-up or port, we’re not sure yet), and even a heavy hitting third-party game like Skyrim. Nintendo is back and in style. Nintendo is still tight lipped on the Switch so there’s so much we don’t know. Despite that though, what we have seen is spectacular. The Nintendo Switch will have the best launch lineup of any console in history.

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