We may be getting a new Zelda game sooner than we think. Nintendo has posted a job listing in Japan, looking for a level designer for The Legend of Zelda series. The designer will be responsible for creating events, dungeons, fields, and enemies from the design stage up to the point of actually implementing it into the game. This comes via @bk2128 on Twitter.

Nintendo is hiring a level designer for The Legend of Zelda series. Will create events/dungeons/fields/enemies from design to actual implementation. Should have game planner experience on console games & can communicate in Japanese.

While we’re not likely to see a new Legend of Zelda game on the Switch for some while since Breath of the Wild only released a little over a year ago, there is a chance that they are either developing a top-down Zelda game ala A Link to the Past or A Link Between Worlds for the Nintendo Switch or the Nintendo 3DS. The Switch is much more likely though. A Link to the Past and A Link Between Worlds are two of the greatest Zelda games of all time, so another top-down perspective would be welcome after the sprawling epic that was Breath of the Wild. It would be a nice change of pace for the franchise.

While it is unlikely that we’ll see anything at E3 this year, hopefully something will at least be announced.

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