Nintendo has announced a release date for New Pokemon Snap, a sequel to the 1994 Nintendo 64 classic. This is presumably on the heals of the franchise’s 25th anniversary, which is this year. There are is also speculation that we will be getting Soul SilverHeart Gold, and the Diamond and Pearl games this year on Switch, depending on who you talk to, but so far those rumors are unfounded and Nintendo has made no such announcement. New Pokemon Snap will be released on the Nintendo Switch on April 30, 2021.

In New Pokemon Snap, players will control Lental, a pokemon photographer, as she traverses the Lental region full of diverse and luscious scenery. She works together with the local Pokemon Professor, Professor Mirror, to “conduct ecological surveys and to photograph Pokemon in their natural habitat.” The gameplay is very similar, if not almost identical to its N64 predecessor, with everything revolving around completing a “Photodex” and building a vehicle to travel from place to place in order to “Photograph ’em all!”

Release Date for New Pokemon Snap

Being that this is the 25th anniversary of Pokemon, they have much more planned than an updated GameCube game planned. What those plans are, we don’t know. But with both Zelda and Pokemon having anniversaries this year, Nintendo will not be lacking in content.

Once again, New Pokemon Snap releases on the Nintendo Switch on April 30.

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