The new Xenoblade epilogue in Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition, Future Connected, has new gameplay according to the latest reports. Set one year after the events of Xenoblade Chronicles, the epilogue focuses on Melia and her story in the aftermath of the original game. This is rather interesting, as Melia had a huge role in the middle of the original, but faded to the background by the end. She is one of the most fascinating characters in the game though, and my personal favorite. According to Gematsu’s translation of the game’s download card available in Japan, it states the premise of Future Connected.

“An untold story that connects to the future: Includes an additional scenario that reveals Melia’s after-story,” the card packaging reads. “A new battle system that utilizes Nopon reinforcements and new map(s) will also appear.”

There are a few takeaways from this. The story “connects” to the future; what future is this referring to? Something down the line beyond the current story, or simply the story from Xenoblade to Future Connected? A new battle system is intriguing. What will be most interesting is if it will be an amendment to the original, like Torna was to Xenoblade 2, or if it will have completely new mechanics. This is very exciting. The second huge takeaway is that there will be not just a new map, but maps. This implies that the epilogue may be larger and longer than we expected, which is again, a very exciting prospect. It could possibly be a new game unto itself starring Melia, which would be a nice change of pace.

Future Connected will be playable from the start of the game, separate from the main title, so if you’re like me, and just finished the main game for the millionth time because you’ve been bored out of your mind from quarantine, you can check it out immediately. What I am intrigued about is, are any of the other main characters besides Shulk going to make an appearance? If this is anywhere as good as Torna, we are in for a treat!

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