Telltale has been teasing a Mr. Robot game for the past week, and today it has unexpectedly been released. It is officially called 1.51exfiltrati0n.ipa on iOS and eps1.51_exfiltrati0n.apk on Android. This is not a Telltale-made project as they’re simply the publishers of the game. The creators are Night School Studio. They’re also the studio that made the critically-acclaimed Oxenfree. The game acts like a text adventure; you text NPCs and in turn learn more about the Mr. Robot universe.

It takes place within the first season of the show. You find a phone of the ground belonging to a member of fsociety and after digging around in it you become entangled in a group of hackers’ plans. The description of the game summarizes the premise, stating:

“Become embroiled in the world of fsociety, a renegade hacker group determined to ‘reset the world,’ by texting different employees of their target corporation: E-Corp, a massive global tech company. Steal, cheat and lie your way through this technological minefield while dealing with [main character] Elliot’s fractured personality, and trying to keep your own information safe.”

The Mr. Robot game costs $2.99 on iOS and Android.

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