Will Kingdom Hearts 3 end up on the Nintendo NX? According to a listing on EB Games, this very well may be the case. SuperMetaldave64, a user on Twitter, uncovered this Australian advert on the EB Games website.

Is this a reality? Could it happen? Only time will tell. Kingdom Hearts 3 seemingly will never come out, so it is possible that around the time the Nintendo NX launches, Kingdom Hearts 3 will finally be released. Although this is just a rumor, there is a possibility it will happen, which will leave Nintendo fans who are also Kingdom Hearts fans full of joy.

No release date has been announced for Kingdom Hearts, although hopefully it releases sometime next year. Kingdom Hearts 2.8 is set to release sometime in December of 2016, so after that the development team can devote all their time to Kingdom Hearts 3. Although we have only seen glimpses of the game, it looks nothing short of stunning and we are incredibly excited to see the game finally release . . . if it ever does this console generation (joking.) All joking aside, it would be a delight if the game came out for the Nintendo NX and would make many fans happy.

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