Any avid gamer knows and loves Game Grumps. Fun, energetic, passionate guys who’ve transformed the gaming scene in 2012. After their critical success on their first online game, Dream Daddy back in 2017, fans were left wondering when and what their next big project would be. Some speculated another visual romance novel featuring popular YouTubers, while others expected a sequel, the hype was like a gaming roller coaster.

Gamers’ prayers were answered when they finally released their second game, Soviet Jump Game last month. A fun nostalgia-driven pixel player where players are pitted against each other in a “winner takes all” Battle Royale. With its 2D style and inspiration taken from the classics like Mario, players of all ages are sure to enjoy!

If you’re an older gamer, you’ll notice various similarities to the classics from the famous Invader Boom era in the 1980’s. Like a breath of fresh air after a long time, you’ll relive the experience of going into an arcade on a weekend with tons of coins you saved up from your allowance, approaching your designated machine, and playing the night away. The graphics, style, and music all stay true to the originals. Though while game play and obstacles are similar to that of our beloved classics, Soviet Jump Game implements a new foundation that familiarizes new and recent gamers, making it all the more rage. A retro-style Battle Royale game? Sign me up!

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