As Fallout 76’s beta comes to a close, its release date draws near. Bethesda’s attempt at a multiplayer-based Fallout title has been met with confusion, but it remains as one of the year’s most anticipated releases. Gamers are eager to dive back into the post-apocalyptic world that the acclaimed developer created. Below are some important tidbits and details that are set to appear in the upcoming game.

Setting and Story

Back in May, Bethesda began to tease an announcement related to the Fallout series. Fans speculated that it couldn’t be a new game because Fallout 4 launched just three years prior; after all, it took 7 years in between Fallout 3 and 4‘s respective launches. New Vegas was able to come out two years after mostly due to Obsidian Entertainment being the main developer, so clearly, this had to just be a remaster. Shockingly, the company decided to create Fallout 76, a multiplayer experience set 25 years after the nuclear bombs first dropped.

The game is located in Virginia, with prominent locations such as Monticello, West Virginia University, and Charleston being featured. Vault dwellers are planning their “Reclamation Day” ceremonies, which commemorates the re-opening of Vault 76. Each occupant entered prior to the nuclear bombs and are now ready to emerge in a better tomorrow, but are sure to be met with utter disappointment. Instead of enjoying a new era, they must work together to rebuild civilization and finding out the secrets behind the attacks.

Fallout 76 Preview

Multiplayer Aspects

Bethesda has made it clear that despite the fact that this is an online-focused game, it can still be enjoyed in a solo setting. It is going to feature a fully-fledged campaign, but that won’t be the only emphasis. Players are encouraged to set their own goals, such as building bases, crafting items, or simply surviving the world around them. Progression has been a key point that the developers have focused on. Leveling up is still the same but instead of a skills tree, there is a new “Perk Cards” system in place. These provide varying abilities, but only a certain number can be used at a time. In addition to this, perk cards are able to be shared with others. Usable cards are also determined by what levels the player chose for their S.P.E.C.I.A.L. skills.

Gamers can choose from PvE and PvP styles of gameplay. Players won’t have to worry about other human enemies if they don’t want to. A bounty system is also in place to avoid any unnecessary griefing, so if another person is becoming too violent, a bounty will be placed on their head which reveals their location and rewards whoever kills them. Revenge for a player’s death is also rewarded with double the bounty. Death, however, is not extremely punishing. Dying results in the player finding a new respawn point and jumping back into gameplay. No guns can be lost upon death, yet they can still become damaged, forcing players to repair them at a workbench.

Fallout 76 Preview

A Fallout Experience

This still remains a fully-fledged Fallout experience even though it’s a multiplayer title. Familiar enemies and items make an appearance, such as Deathclaws, Mutants, Ghouls, and the well-known Pip-Boy. Usable nukes, however, are an all-new feature that players can utilize to wipe out enemy bases It takes a while to find all the resources needed to use the nuclear sites, but they aren’t intended to be an ultimate PvP weapon, according to the game’s producer, Todd Howard. Bases that were wiped out drop valuable resources, but player bases can’t be raided if they aren’t online.

Survival in this title is key, but it won’t be too difficult. Eating, sleeping, and drinking aren’t planned to be huge buffs, yet they are going to come into play for surviving longterm. Radiation, of course, returns and affects players who spend too much time in certain areas. Bethesda has made certain that this release is going to be familiar to fans of the franchise, despite the changes. On the other hand, it is going to be a much different experience since there won’t be many human NPCs to interact with. Characters that can be interacted with are more likely to be robots since this is a newly discovered wasteland. Gamers can enjoy the sites and sounds of Virginia without pestering NPCs telling you to do a certain quest.

Fallout 76 Preview

Fallout 76 launches on November 14 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Three versions of the game are available to be purchased, the Standard Edition for $59.99, the Tricentennial Edition for $79.99, and the special Power Armor Edition for $199.99. The Tricentennial Edition comes packed with some extra in-game content along the lines of new weapons and customizations. The Power Armor Edition is filled with goodies, which includes a wearable, full-scale T-51 Power Armor helmet, 24 plastic figurines, a steel book, and the game’s Tricentennial Edition.

Bethesda’s upcoming game remains as one of the year’s most anticipated titles and will continue to see support from the developers long after its release. For now, players can enjoy the company’s cover of John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads” to get in the mood.