Zenimax Online has released its newest update to its popular MMORPG: Elder Scrolls Online. This latest update in a series of expansions and improvements Zenimax has been making is titled, “One Tamriel” and flaunts a sizable amount of changes to the way the game works. A video has been released as well to announce the release of One Tamriel and can be viewed below.

The most noticeable change coming in One Tamriel is the unified game world. Players from every faction can now play the game together anywhere at any time. The barriers between factions have been broken down and the enemy levels now scale to each individual player. This means that no matter what level you are or what faction you are from you can go literally anywhere in the game world and find content suitable for you to undertake.

The former adventure-zone of Craglorn has also received an important update of its own. This zone was originally designed for groups of four to experience and has been widely ignored because of that. Craglorn is now solo-friendly and its group content has had its restrictions torn down and difficulty reduced so it can be completed by only two players. Zenimax has created a guide to showcase all of the changes made to this zone in case you would like to know more.

Dueling has been added to the game! That means you no longer have to queue up for PvP in the same campaign on opposite factions if you want to fight your friends. Now you can go right up to them and challenge them to a duel, or anyone else for that matter. Dueling is strictly 1v1 and cannot be influenced by any outside players, but if your dueling radius falls into the range of enemy NPCs and you stray too close they can still attack you. Zenimax has created a dueling guide to answer any questions you might have.

Finally, weapon ultimates have come to Elder Scrolls Online! With these also follow a raised champion points cap, and many other additions in the form of items, achievements, and changes to how dungeons work. One Tamriel is loaded with many new changes and additions that will make ESO a more fun game to play than ever before.

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