For those that may have missed it or just want a second look, here is a full recap of EA’s 2018 E3 Conference. It was full of announcements, reveals, in-depth looks, and a few surprises.

Battlefield V

Starting off the press conference, DICE came on stage to give some details regarding the upcoming Battlefield VFirst, let’s get the biggest news out of the way. Battle Royale has been officially confirmed as a new mode to the franchise. It has been rumored for quite some time that this would be included, but this is the first that EA has acknowledged this.

Next, there was a look at the new destruction mechanics that the game has to offer. Vehicles can drive through and fully collapse buildings, which can shake up strategies. Tanks will also be able to move around sedentary turrets to provide a tactical advantage as well.

Finally, EA confirmed that players will not have to worry about monetization in this upcoming release. There will be absolutely no microtransactions or a premium pass. All maps will be free and the game will be available in full with purchase.

Star Wars: Battlefront II

Next, EA came out and admitted to the rocky launch of Star Wars: Battlefront IIThey also announced the upcoming DLC plans. The Clone Wars is the next set of plans the game has to offer. This will go along with their current events for the recent film, Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Respawn’s Star Wars Game

In other Star Wars news, Respawn came on stage to announce their next game. The title of the game is Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order and will release Holiday 2019. This will take place in between Episodes III & IV. It will chronicle the events of Order 66 and the immediate consequences. Respawn’s next game is planned to be open-world and single-player.

Unravel 2

We previously revealed that Unravel 2 is set to be released. What we did not know, however, is that it would be released TODAY. That’s right, it is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The game also features co-op, so you and a friend can give this a go, immediately.

Sea of Solitude

EA also gave a chilling trailer to their upcoming, Sea of Solitude. It is a third-person exploration game that is also a puzzle platformer. This will be a dark toned game that takes on strong topics such as loneliness and sadness. It will see a release at some time in 2019.

EA/Origin Access

One topic that was briefly addressed was EA’s streaming service, EA/Origin Access. Gamers can enjoy a free trial for the service as of today. It will also see a revamp that will be revealed during this Summer.

EA Play 2018 Recap

Fifa 19

There was a quick look at the current World Cup Update that is available now in Fifa 18Fifa 19 was also announced for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch on September 28. The big news was that the UEFA Champion’s League license has been given to the series. Previously, it was exclusive to Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer franchise.

NBA Live 19

A quick look was given to NBA Live 19 by means of a new trailer. It will also be released on September 7.

Madden 19

The Madden franchise is set to be available for PC, for the first time in years. The game will hit store shelves on August 10. Those that pre-order the Hall of Fame Edition will be able to play three days early. The cover athlete was previously announced to be Terrell Owens of the Dallas Cowboys.

Command & Conquer: Rivals

There was finally some news given regarding the seemingly dormant franchise, Command & ConquerHowever, it is not what gamers would expect. Command & Conquer: Rivals will be a mobile game that will be available on iOS and Android. The pre-alpha is available today on Android devices. No release date was given.


The highlight of the show came from Bioware’s Anthem. EA devoted a “deep dive” into the upcoming release, meaning a ton of news was given.

First, we got a new gameplay trailer for the game. This gave a closer look at the four javelins: Colossus, Ranger, Interceptor, and Storm. These four classes will also be able to be customizable, which included an N7 set of armor.

The world of Tarsus is planned to be dynamic, which means it will constantly be changing and of course, open. New DLC and Expansions will be available post-launch. Anthem will be featured as a service meaning there is going to be in-game purchases, but there won’t be any microtransactions or any pay-to-play mechanics.

Another interesting feature revealed is that there is fall damage. So players will have to use their jetpacks sparingly. The game can be played in co-op but it is not essential. The story can be played perfectly fine in solo mode. The co-op section is balanced. The hub world will be viewed in first-person while the gameplay is set in third-person.

Finally, the release date was given. It will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on February 22, 2019.

Overall, it was a pretty good conference. There were quite a bit of surprises that were in store, such as Unravel 2’s immediate release. Anthem’s release date being in February also came as a bit of a surprise. More is planned to be revealed about Battlefield V during Microsoft’s press conference tomorrow at 1 PM PST/4 PM EST. Their conference can be viewed on all major streaming sites, including social media.