The Division is still a best seller, according to Ubisoft. The Division is the best selling game of this year, and many people thought it would be a Destiny killer. I was one of those people. This was a dreadfully wrong assumption. The game was riddled with problems out of the gate. It had and still has massive amounts of potential, but it just isn’t fully realized.

The Division was riddled with glitches and there were a lot of cheaters. It could never live up to the incredible promises Ubisoft made. Despite the game’s incredible sales, there is one longstanding question: is anyone still playing it? I still need to play the DLC and I have the season pass. While a game like Destiny is entering its third year with a ton of success, The Division hasn’t been able to sustain any momentum. It will take a lot for the game to reach the heights of Destiny, even if it’s selling incredibly well. This is a long-term game, and The Division doesn’t seem to have the stamina.

There’s still a chance for The Division to be great, but Ubisoft needs to get the move on. They need an intense marketing blitz to get people interested again.

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