Today’s D23 Expo has brought with it loads of new information regarding Disney’s upcoming streaming platform, Disney Plus. The platform recently announced that three superheroes are joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the form of their own shows. Each of the following is planned to be featured in both TV and movie form:

  • Moon Knight
  • She-Hulk
  • Ms. Marvel

All three heroes are making their debuts within the MCU thanks to these upcoming shows. The specific dates on when they premiere are currently unknown. Despite this, the company stated these programs are Disney+ exclusives and won’t appear anywhere else. No actors/actresses have been tied to these projects, as of the time of writing.

Disney Plus

Other bits of information emerged from the event regarding Marvel’s programs. The upcoming¬†What If..?¬†series is currently in production with an episode planned for each of the 23 Marvel films. According to users in the audience, a montage was shown and displayed images of Peggy Carter as Captain America, a zombified Steve Rogers, and more. A vast majority of the actors within the major films have offered their voices to the series.

D23 is still underway and this information is still developing. More details regarding the above-mentioned projects are sure to be revealed soon.

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