Today in Destiny news, the marvelous-looking Gjallarwing sparrow, inspired by the exotic weapon Gjallarhorn, has been revealed to be real.

The Gjallarwing has been shown before, but it had come from a more shady source so it was never really confirmed. Only hours after this source had leaked a photo of the Gjallarwing, they took it off their site. Luckily before they could take it off, many gamers had taken screenshots and began to inspect the credibility of the photo. There were many things off in the photo so most Destiny fans just passed it off as a publicity stunt. Then today, Bungie posted a YouTube video showing off the beauty that is the Gjallarwing, therefore confirming it to be true.

The Gjallarwing will be available to all Destiny fans on September 20, the same day as the Rise of Iron expansion is released. You’ll be able to buy the white and gold version with the in-game currency, Silver, or you can get the black and silver version by pre-ordering Rise of Iron. As well as the black and silver Gjallarwing, you can get the black and silver Gjallarhorn by pre-ordering.

In even more Destiny news, Rise of Iron will be released on September 20 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users. The expansion will include new environments, weaponry and armor, quests, and even some Crucible maps. The expansion also includes a new Fallen-themed raid and an increased max light capacity.

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