Well, a certain actor may be subject to the wrath of Darth Kennedy! (We jest, Kathleen Kennedy has been fantastic for the Star Wars franchise) The actor let it slip in an interview with Esquire UK that he is filming Episode IX next year.

While he says he has “not that much more, but a little more to do” in this film, he can at least be assured he survives it; he starts filming Episode IX early next year.

Who is this character you may ask? Fan-favorite Poe Dameron! Poe’s role in The Force Awakens wasn’t even supposed to be that large, but because of the magnificence of Oscar Isaac, the character’s arc was expanded. He’s now considered to be a major player in the Sequel Trilogy.

While some may view this as a big deal, it really is no different than Mark Hamill saying Carrie Fisher survives The Last Jedi; we honestly have no way of knowing. We have to see the film for ourselves and find out. This seems doubtful though. He spends most of his time with Finn in this film it appears, and I would highly doubt they’d kill off any of the new characters so soon.

If anyone were to die though, my money would be on Poe. I find him even more likable than Finn! It would add some much-needed urgency to the trilogy though.

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