Call of Duty Modern Warfare was revealed today via a trailer from Activision and it didn’t disappoint. The game appears to be a complete revamp of the original Modern Warfare and it begins with a narration from Price, one of the most memorable Call of Duty characters of all time. The trailer was just under two minutes and only featured glimpses of various gameplay and scenes from the game, but all footage was in-game footage; there was no CGI.

Activison is very smart going back to the Modern Warfare brand. Black Ops IIII underperformed, while the Modern Warfare games sold significantly better as a whole. The Call of Duty franchise has been waning as of late with underwhelming titles, and Modern Warfare is just the thing Activision needs to breath new life back into the series. It’s unsure at this point if it is simply a remake of the original Modern Warfare or a complete revamp of the game with the same characters but a new scenario. Infinity Ward, who is developing the game (and developed the other Modern Warfare titles) knows they can’t simply rehash the original, so in all likelihood, new scenarios will be added to the game and the campaign may even feature aspects of Modern Warfare 2, the best Call of Duty game to date.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Revealed

Modern Warfare is confirmed to release on October 25. This is perfect timing, as it’s before most of the major holiday titles are set to come out.

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