First I should mention that while the lines did revert back to being a hassle for attendees, the content AX itself had was nevertheless enjoyable.

Though before we get to it, it must be addressed that this Anime Expo wasn’t the worst in terms of lines, but attendees still found themselves in lines that led to nowhere, as well as panels with disorganized staff. One example was a Dragon Ball Z panel, which left attendees unable to enter the room as there was a lack of line control. Understandably, this warranted lots of complaints from fans. Lines haven’t always been Anime Expo’s strong point, but if they were able to reclaim control of it in 2018, it won’t be impossible to try again in 2020.

In terms of the con itself however, Anime Expo didn’t cease to amaze us by bringing back old and new content for us to enjoy. While still managing to keep things fresh, AX and Round 1 collaborated to secure its very own spot in the Entertainment Hall. Popular Japanese-only games such as Gunslinger Stratos were available for all to play. They also brought in the iconic Japanese Purikura photobooths for any wanting to get their “kawaii” on.

Hiroto Kuramasu made a comeback this year to sway the girls, along side other male models at booths scattered throughout the Exhibit Hall, while a Virtual Reality boyfriend graced the back of the Entertainment Hall in VRカレシ (VR Boyfriend). Girls (and guys) seeking the perfect virtual man would demo the game through a phone and headset, where he would make you dinner and coffee after a long day’s work. This game is set to release on all mobile devices in 2020.

Aside from all the demos, collaborations, and exhibits there also the little things that helped make this AX. Wild Bill’s Soda hosted itself a couple stands throughout the con center where attendees would buy from a variety of different mugs ranging from 22-35oz and in turn, get as many refills from handcrafted soda as they want!

Suzu Momoi paid us a visit as per usual, rocking her original designs at the Takumi Armory booth. There she was selling her very own limited edition guide books signed specifically by her! If there’s one thing I look forward to every con, it’s seeing Suzu-chan.

Lastly, if you spent at least 10 minutes in the Exhibit Hall, you had to have seen the Bandai booth. A large-scale Gundam alongside other custom figures on display made by fans adorned most of the booth, with a retail area on the other side. Any and all Gundam figurines and build sets from every year were there for purchase. If you’re a die-hard Gundam fan, this would have been Heaven for you.


Lastly, a treat from Toei Animation! Free photo booths are my weakness. Shout to the worker there who bonded with me over our cats!

AX has seen better years in terms of organization, but was still an enjoyable experience. If you went to Line Con, how was it this year?


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Brianna Barboza is a college student, currently majoring in Arts and Technology. Having played video games and watched anime at a young age, she works towards pursuing her passion. Her ultimate goal is to work in Japan as a creative director.

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