John Krasinski’s latest film, A Quiet Place, is a fantastic thriller that does not disappoint. It provides viewers with suspense and a sense of dread as they watch this family try to survive from these hypersensitive creatures. The film features outstanding performances, great cinematography, and a unique plot that all culminate into a fantastic movie.

An Interesting Premise

The year is 2020 and Earth has been invaded by alien creatures that can sense sounds. These creatures were able to wipe out most of the human population only leaving behind a few groups. It’s an interesting premise that could definitely benefit from more backstory. The film sets viewers up with what the creatures are but does not provide information with how they got there. This is fine considering that the plot did not really allow for it to be explored. It could definitely serve as the first film in a series exploring the creatures and what their effects on society could be, similar to J.J. Abrams’ Cloverfield. The plot is fairly straightforward, a family triggers the creatures and must ward them off for survival. This is not a predictable path because there are some things that viewers will not see coming.

Taking Advantage of the Big Screen

This film takes advantage of the big screen in a huge way. It is mostly shot in silence but utilizes its sound system to capture the feeling that the characters are portraying. It makes the audience feel involved in a way that would not be felt in a home. The cinematography is also executed extremely well. Director of photography, Charlotte Bruus Christensen, does a great job in executing the true feeling of dread and mystery that lurks throughout the film. Not many films are able to do this, but A Quiet Place executes the big screen in a great way.

Stellar Performances

The entire cast does a great job of portraying the sense of fear and cautiousness that resonates with their characters. This cast does not disappoint. They all help to create the feeling the world is living with. When a noise is made, the emotions that are captured feel genuine. Emily Blunt is among the standouts as she provides an excellent performance that is highly memorable. John Krasinski is no exception to this as well. Millicent Simmonds is also a standout. Her portrayal of a daughter struggling with loss and a disconnect with her family help bring a humane feel to the movie. Noah Jupe does a good job as well. The four’s chemistry and acting abilities are tested in this almost silent film, but come out on top.

A Quiet Place is a must-see thriller that should be experienced in a movie theatre setting. John Krasinski’s film is smart and will keep viewers at the edge of their seats. Its interesting premise, great cast, and how it takes advantage of the big screen help push this over the edge and creates a unique piece of cinema. This is already one of the year’s best films and demands to be seen.

A Quiet Place Movie Review
A Quiet Place is a great film that should be seen in a movie theatre.
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