Bandai Namco announced today via a press release that Taki, one of the most iconic characters in the Soul Caliber series, is returning in Soul Calibur VI. The latest entry in the franchise was announced in December and has fans on the edge of their seats in anticipation to see who will return in the latest installment of the storied franchise. Taki is a cold and ruthless Ninja with a sense of purpose, armed with dual blades and will not hesitate to slice down her opponents. From Bandai Namco’s press release:

Taki, one of the most iconic characters from the SOULCALIBUR franchise makes her official return to the series in SOULCALIBUR VI. Armed with dual blades, Taki is a true dealer of pain and destruction, able to take on all challengers in any arena of battle. Taki can be cold, emotionless, and serious – all attributes that make her a better ninja. She also has a deep sense of duty to complete an assigned mission, this makes her an even more focused weapon.”

There is also a gameplay trailer which shows off Taki’s amazing skills in the game which is a much-watch. Soul Calibur VI comes out later in 2018 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. More details about the game are sure to be revealed at E3 2018, and given this is the most anticipating fighting game of the year (sans Smash Brothers), it is sure not to disappoint.

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