Recently, Suda51 sat down with WCCFTech in an interview and offered an update on No More Heroes 3. The Switch-exclusive is slated to come out sometime next year and Suda is hard at work to make this once little-known game for the Nintendo Wii into a full-fledged franchise. This is the third entry in the series and is still set for a 2020 release date. The script, which at times is the most meticulous part of a game, is completely finished. Suda 51 stated that the game is 35-40% complete, although it will still be released in 2020. The world is more expansive than No More Heroes 1, which is to be expected considering it’s on a more powerful system, the Nintendo Switch. Even though the world is larger, the game itself will have the same amount of things on the side to do in addition to the main game. Suda51 also stated that Nobuaki Kaneko will be composing the score for the game. There will also be a trailer for the game either later next year or later this year, according to Suda 51.

This is yet another upcoming exclusive for the Nintendo Switch. Considering the abundance of games coming out for the system, it will be an interesting 2020 for sure, although so many are focused on 2019 releases. No More Heroes is a popular series and we can’t wait to see what Suda51 has in store for us!

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