Secret of Mana had its beginnings on the Super Nintendo. It’s even on the SNES Classic so fans can experience the game in its 16-bit glory. Though the game is being remade, it is only set to launch on the PlayStation 4, Vita, and PC. The Switch is nowhere to be found, which is odd considering the title is originally a Nintendo game. Square Enix has heard demands though. They are now saying, due to demand and consideration, the Secret of Mana remake may come to Nintendo Switch. And there is absolutely no reason why it shouldn’t.

Square Enix producer Masaru Oyamada shed some light on the situation.

To kind of give background in terms of when the project started, it was about two years ago, and the Switch hadn’t been announced. Once we had announced this particular remake title, we were very surprised to see the amount of demand and feedback we received for a potential Switch version. So, the voices are heard, we’re aware that people are desiring a Switch version, and we will make an effort to see what is feasible in the future, though nothing is confirmed or planned.

Considering the Nintendo Switch is a smash hit, it would be ridiculous if the game didn’t come to the console. The series and game originated on the Super Nintendo. Let’s hope Square Enix continues to hear fans’ demands for

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