Kathleen Kennedy stepping down from Lucasfilm, Fiege taking over? The latest rumor in the woodworks is that after Indiana Jones 5, Kathleen Kennedy will in fact be stepping down from her position at Lucasfilm in 2021. This comes way of Jason Ward, who is one of Kennedy’s most ardent supporters. The rumor comes from Ward’s comments in Now, This is Podcasting!, where he made the initial statements. Rumors are now abuzz: who will be taking Kennedy’s place? There were already rumors after Kennedy’s contract extension that her days at Lucasfilm Ltd were numbered, and these rumors have more or less turned out to be true, if these rumors are in fact true. We’ve heard similar rumblings, but have held off on reporting on it until confirmation.

Her Star Wars films have been hit-or-miss, with The Force Awakens being positively received while The Last Jedi was a disaster. Solo bombed, Rogue One was a solid entry in the franchise, and who knows with regards to The Rise of Skywalker. There is chatter that Kevin Fiege will be taking her place, which would be marvelous news. Fiege’s record on the Marvel movies is nothing less than spectacular and he could be the one to bring Star Wars back to prominence. What’s unknown is whether he will retain his position at Marvel. Considering his heavy schedule which was a reason why the initial Spider-Man film fell through, probably not. He is on schedule to produce a new Star Wars film, which makes perfect sense for this move.

Only time will tell.

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