Today The Pokemon Company introduced Pokemon Sun and Moon’s Turtonator, the latest pocket monster to be revealed for the upcoming entries in the storied Pokemon franchise. A trailer was released, as well as a description of the Pokemon. Pokemon Sun and Moon’s Turtonator is a “Blast Turtle Pokemon” who is a Fire/Dragon type. Its ability is Shell Armor and it lives on volcanoes. Turtonator is deadly, with its shell having a layer of sulfur. Whenever it’s struck, sparks go flying, making it a dangerous and deadly opponent. It also able to camouflage itself in its native molten volcano environment, simply waiting for its prey.

Though Turtonator’s shell is deadly, its stomach is not. Striking the Pokemon in this weak area deals a great deal of damage and is key to defeating it. It was also revealed that Turtonator has a move that is only specific to the Alola region Pokemon, Shell Trap. This move allows Turtonator to set a trap at the beginning of a turn. If it is hit with a physical attack, an explosion occurs, devastating its challenger.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is shaping up to be the most intriguing Pokemon game in years. In fact, Nintendo is actually saying that Pokemon GO is driving Pokemon game sales. It’s almost fate that Pokemon Sun and Moon are coming out when they are.  It’s possible it could be a phenomenon we have not seen since Pokemon Red and Blue’s release, which is saying a lot. The new Pokemon titles are truly trying to branch out and change things, and if what has been revealed thus far is any indication, it will be the best pair of Pokemon games to be released in over a decade.

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