At first glance, FutureGrind seems like a standard racing game that takes on futuristic elements with skateboard-like gameplay. However, this statement could not be more wrong. It’s fast-paced racing with tons of levels all featuring new and unique challenges that are sure to impress. This whole game oozed curiosity with every turn and was addicting to enjoy. Difficulty does ramp up quickly, but an Assist Mode helps those unable to progress, which can be incredibly helpful. MilkBag Games has crafted one of the best looking and playing indie games released that has, so far, released this year.

FutureGrind Review

A Nice Challenge

At first glance, FutureGrind appears fairly straightforward, in terms of gameplay. There are individual worlds, each with three sections that must be completed in order to move on. Yet, despite this, every level feels unique because of the challenges presented in them. One can task you with performing full front flips while another won’t let you touch a certain colored track. These can range from easy to difficult relatively quick, so it takes quite a bit of mastery in order to finish off the section at hand. Don’t let this deter you from continuing, though, since an Assist Mode is present. It’s perfect if a helping hand is needed and lets users operate at their own pace.

A challenge is definitely present in this title, but it’s fun trying to surpass it. Players get to take control of an array of vehicles that help traverse varying tracks. At the start of the game, you’ll be presented with a normal looking bike that teaches users the basics. Traversal requires spinning a bike and grinding on colored tracks that match the wheels you’re using. As the game goes on, new bikes get to be unlocked that are tougher to operate due to changing colors, top-heavy balancing, and even sizing issues. This is all intentional and works great. Every death feels fair and not done in by cheap track placements. Quick restarts also make for speedy run-throughs, so players won’t be bogged down. FutureGrind is the very definition of “easy to grasp, difficult to master” and that makes it stand out.

FutureGrind Review

Weak Story

Completing areas leads players to different worlds with different bikes. It’s not done just to present itself as having more content, rather it has a reason for doing so. As the player gets better and better, in-game companies start to take notice and want to sponsor them. Even though this seems like a good thing to happen, there’s something deeply wrong about it all, and will begin to manifest itself as more areas are completed. The story is fairly interesting but becomes a bit outlandish when it begins to run its course. It did, however, make me wonder what was going on and was a nice supplement to the addicting gameplay.

After the story is told, there isn’t much else do. Later levels become reliant on the narrative in order to progress, so when it isn’t there it feels weird. There’s no replay value to the game though because of this dependence. It would have been much more appreciated to play through an endless mode or anything along those lines after the final level was completed. Revisiting levels is only worth it if you’re going for separate medals or high scores, but there are so many which proved difficult. This led me to not particularly want to go back for faster times because it felt a bit daunting. Chasing these better scores can help one’s stance on the leaderboard but without any sort of rewards for this, it doesn’t feel worth it.

FutureGrind Review

Appealing Ambiance

The graphics in this game are incredibly well done and polished. It’s also got a superb soundtrack that helps suit every individual section. The only complaint about the music is that once a level ends, so does its sounds. I wish it continued into the title screen or lasted a bit longer because it’s very good. Discovering new worlds makes for some fantastic encounters by looking at the detailed backgrounds. This also runs great on the Nintendo Switch. There’s 60 frames-per-second and never did I run into any sort of stutters or dips in framerate. On top of this, the physics of the game is perfectly executed. All bikes feel different and require specific types of handling. Jumping and spinning are fluid and perfectly balanced in a way that makes sense. FutureGrind is a very competent game that is also amazing to look at.

FutureGrind Review

MilkBag Games’ stunt racing indie game is an incredibly fun and fascinating title. Plenty of varied and challenging levels with a great aesthetic culminate into something worth playing. Although FutureGrind’s presents a narrative, it falls a bit flat and grows to be a little absurd towards the finale. Despite this, it’s a nice supplement to the experience at hand even though the game can become too dependent on it. Players are sure to have a great time chasing down high scores and gold medals while trying to master the mechanics. This is a unique indie title that should not be skipped over.


Thank you to MilkBag Games for providing us with a review copy of the game.

FutureGrind Review (Nintendo Switch)
FutureGrind is an ambitious title that accomplishes what it sets out to do. It's fun, unique, and has plenty of levels that are sure to keep players invested.
Overall Score8.6
  • Plenty of Varied Levels
  • Challenging Gameplay
  • Fantastic Soundtrack
  • Little Replayability
  • No Customizable Options
  • Weak Story
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