Toonami, a subsidiary of Adult Swim, released a new trailer for their two new seasons of the hit anime, FLCL. The trailer comprises of the pink-haired and guitar-wielding Haruko, a character returning from season one, monologuing about another sleepy town that must awaken from their sleepwalking state. While Haruko gives her speech about waking up the town’s teen citizens, it shows scenes of the new characters we’re to expect in the second season, including a girl with cat ear headphones and a girl who wears a four-leaf clover hairpin. Towards the end, the trailer shows more action with a nuclear explosion, mechs with wings, and weaponized guitars. What more could you want from an anime?

The second season will go under the name FLCL Progressive and the third season under FLCL Alternative. The project will be produced by Studio Bones, the creators of Fullmetal Alchemist, and Production I.G., the studio behind the original 1995 Ghost in the Shell. Along with those big-name producers, the new FLCL seasons will have music made by the popular Japanese band known as The Pillows. One of their hit songs, Ride On Shooting Star, plays in the new trailer.

FLCL Progressive will debut in June 2018, and FLCL Alternative will be released the following September.

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