Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya sequel project has been announced during a stage panel at the Machi Asobi vol.19 event and confirmed later on Twitter by voice actress Mai Kadowaki. The first film in the Fate series opened on August 26 and has been regarded as a resounding success, topping mini-theater rankings in Japan for three weeks in a row.

The series takes place in an alternate timeline from Fate/Zero and Fate/stay night. The Holy Grail War was averted and Illya lives her life as a normal girl, until fate intervened. The whole Fate series is such a money maker that it’s no surprise that they’re going ahead with a new anime project. The latest Prisma Ilya film got a very positive reaction from fans (as is apparent from box office numbers), so hopefully this new project will close the story out as a whole (four anime series’ and a film is milking it a bit much).

Seeing Illya as a normal girl though is a delight, as I feel when I watch the new Heaven’s Feel film I’ll merely see a broken version of the character, as opposed to her optimistic Prisma Illya counterpart.

No further details have been announced at this time, but hopefully we’ll learn more information in the next few months.

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