Note: While we reviewed the first two episodes of the series, due to circumstances out of our control our review for the last three episodes are late. We will instead have our Batman The Telltale Series Review as a whole.

Telltale Games took a real gamble with Batman The Telltale Series. They changed the mythos so dramatically, yet at the same time they made it their own. Some chances paid off. Others didn’t work. Regardless, they are to be commended for their effort in bringing the Dark Knight to life, which is not an easy feat to live up to.

Batman The Telltale Series Review — The Bat or Bruce Wayne?

Telltale Games strove to feature Bruce Wayne in 50% of the scenes in the game and Batman in 50% of the game. To this effect, they succeeded with flying colors. Some episodes featured Batman or Bruce Wayne to a higher degree than others, but overall, they struck that balance. Each episode featured a penultimate choice as to whether wear the mask of Bruce Wayne or Batman. The game is a true character study of who is the true identity of this character: Bruce Wayne or Batman? I know I’m inclined to say that Bruce is the mask and Batman is his true nature, and my choices reflected that. There is one sequence in particular where you spar with the game’s villain. You can chose to remove your mask and the nature of who Bruce Wayne is is brought into question.

Batman The Telltale Series Review — Mythos

Telltale took a lot of chances with the Batman mythos in this game. They completely changed the nature of Bruce’s father, which to me almost nullified his entire reason for becoming Batman. It is a nice twist and still works, but by that same token it makes me question Bruce’s motivation after learning the truth. Harvey Dent’s character went from sane to homicidle in a matter of moments and there wasn’t as much development there as was needed. “John Doe” was one of the highlights of the series, although he only had two appearances. It certainly sets up season two. Selina Kyle stuck to her roots. Vicki Vale was changed dramatically, and this was a huge risk, but it worked really well. Telltale turned the Batman mythos into its own, which is a good thing.

Batman The Telltale Series Review — Choices

Telltale’s games are ultimately about choice. They involve moral dilemmas and emotional puzzles unlike anything found in modern gaming. Throughout the series, you are given some incredibly difficult choices to make. In retrospect I wish some of mine would have been different — but that’s the beautiful thing about it. I had to live with the consequences of my actions. I became so engrossed in the character of Batman, someone I can relate and empathize with, that I couldn’t look back. None of these choices are easy. Some are also dependent on your view of the character of Batman/Bruce Wayne. Again, who is the true mask? Batman or Bruce Wayne? I believe Bruce is the true mask and so my choices reflected that. Telltale weaved a masterful tale of a man hell bent on saving Gotham, despite the fact that most of the city despises him.

Batman The Telltale Series Review — Gameplay

The combat isn’t difficult in Batman The Telltale Series, but it is fun. Your meter builds up, and when it is full you can pull off a finishing move. While dying is not a common occurrence, this is okay. That’s not what this game is about. The highlight to me was the detective sequences. Batman is the greatest detective in the world with a genius intellect, and this really shines in the episodes of the game. I loved exploring each area, linking clues together, and even simulating how to take multiple enemies out before entering an area. The game both shows Batman’s brute force and his genius intellect, which is the essence of the character.

There were a lot of chances taken in Batman The Telltale Series. Most of them paid off. Telltale made the Batman mythos their own, pulling from 80 years or so of material. Most of it worked. Some fell short, but this was a steep hill to climb and they did a superb job. The story closed in perfect fashion, but it also set up season two rather nicely with our favorite “John Doe” sipping on a martini. Things will only get better from here.

Thank you Telltale Games for providing VG Culture HQ with a review copy of Batman The Telltale Series

Batman The Telltale Series Review -- The Essence of Batman
Batman The Telltale Series captures the essence to a tee. It takes some chances with the mythos and makes it its own and the choices present difficult moral dilemmas, exploring the psych of Bruce Wayne/Batman.
Overall Score8.5
  • Characterization of Bruce Wayne/Batman - Who is the real mask?
  • Difficult moral dilemmas and emotional puzzles
  • Fun gameplay and satisfying conclusion
  • Bruce's father being a criminal, potentially robbing him of his motivation to become 'The Bat'
  • Season Two can't begin soon enough
8.5Overall Score
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