Assassin’s Creed Origins has been a hit for Ubisoft, and the most massive expansion pack for their most recognizable franchise is coming next month. This is the third expansion pack to release for this epic. In Curse of the Pharaohs, the protagonist, Bayek, goes to the land of Thebes to find a mysterious artifact. He gets much more than he could have imagined though. Here’s a summary straight from Ubisoft’s blog.

Curse of the Pharaohs, the third major expansion for Assassin’s Creed Origins, takes Bayek to find a mysterious artifact in Thebes, where he immediately runs into much more than he bargained for. Instead of the mortal and deceitful Order of the Ancients, he finds undead pharaohs materializing in the streets and slaughtering civilians. The Pharaoh’s Curse, as the locals call it, likely has something to do with all the grave robbers treating the Valley of the Kings like a strip mine for antiquities, forcing Bayek to hunt down key artifacts linked to each pharaoh in order to put them to rest.

Curse of the Pharaohs gives Bayek new costumes, weapons, and skills. It also increases the level cap to 55. With this being the largest expansion yet, Bayek will undoubtedly face his most difficult challenges to date.

Curse of the Pharaohs releases on March 13 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and will cost $19.99.

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