Most Telltale games give you an illusion of choice. They are great interactive experiences no doubt, but choices rarely affect the outcome of the game. This is all about to change in Batman: The Enemy WithinBatman Season One changed the Batman mythos as we know it. The Enemy Within has been about the creation of Batman’s most heinous villain, the Joker. There are two sides to this though: depending on your choices, he could become your ally, a vigilante, or become the villain we all know and love. Bruce’s actions shape John Doe. This has been the best Telltale game to date. With March 27 quickly approaching, the climax of the series is Telltale’s most ambitious undertaking yet.

There have been two new trailers released for the game. One showcases Joker as a megalomaniac, and the other portrays him as a vigilante, although it’s obvious he’s still very unstable and doesn’t know boundaries. He’s like a child. This twists Joker’s whole origin story upsidedown. The last episode of the season, The Same Stitch, gives two completely different episodes depending on whether John is a villain or ally. Telltale may finally deliver on what they have been trying to accomplish for years and make your choices matter. This is very exciting and March 27 (only five days!) can’t come soon enough.

Two New Trailers for Telltale's Batman the Enemy Within Showcase the Joker

Will your Joker become a vigilante or a psychotic villain? The Joker’s villain persona is something we’ve seen before, but his vigilante persona seems utterly fascinating. He’s still the classic Joker we know, but he has Bruce’s influence to help guide him along the right path. John Doe, even as a vigilante, models his boomerangs after Batman’s batarangs. He looks up to Bruce in so many ways, but he also doesn’t have the same “code” that Bruce has. It will be interesting what role that plays in the vigilante side of the episode.

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