Nintendo has come out with a lot of ports over the last few years for the Nintendo Switch. Many have talked about a Zelda HD Collection, but if there’s one game that needs to come out for the Switch, it’s The Wind Waker. It’s not only one of the best Zelda games, but one of the best games on both the Wii U and the Nintendo GameCube. It has a charm that so many other games, including Zelda titles, lack. Its story is arguably the best, up there with Skyward Sword. Its endearing and the graphical style still holds up today; even the GameCube version. It’s an interactive cartoon, full of life, something many other games these days, including Zelda games, lack. There is so much talk of a Skyward Sword HD remake, an Ocarina of Time HD remake, but what about The Wind Waker? It deserves to be in that discussion as well.

Wind Waker HD Needs to Come to Nintendo Switch

The characters are full of life and some of the best in the franchise. It’s not your traditional Zelda game. You could argue that at its core, it is very similar, but it puts its own twist on things. A great game developer once told me that the best games offer both something old and something new to keep things fresh, and The Wind Waker does this masterfully. Tetra is perhaps the best incarnation and lively version of Zelda that has ever grasped the franchise. Although being spread out on different islands, the world feels alive, unlike, say, Breath of the Wild. There are some wonderful references to Ocarina of Time, but the game doesn’t depend on them to strive for greatness, unlike Twilight Princess, which is a great game, but nearly a clone of Ocarina of TimeWind Waker is different, and for this reason, it more than deserves an HD remake for the Nintendo Switch.

Wind Waker HD Needs to Come to Nintendo Switch

Wind Waker also humanizes its villains, to an extent. Ganondorf is still evil, but he’s given a certain depth that is unfounded in any entry in the franchise. This is special and it is a shame that Nintendo hasn’t taken this further in subsequent installments in the series. The dungeons are also superb, although there are only five (six counting Ganon’s Tower.) Regardless, they are enormous in size and scope and make for an unforgettable experience. Wind Waker HD also offers a Hero Mode with no hearts available in the wilderness, a true challenge for the hardcore gamer, for those who complained the initial game was too easy. The game is charming, endearing, and everything you could possibly ask for in a Zelda game.

While there are other Zelda games that fans would love to see get released on the Nintendo Switch, Wind Waker deserves it the most and is probably the best of the candidates. The characters are expressive. The story is one for the ages. The world, although covered with ocean, is brim with exploration.

The Wind Waker is like an interactive cartoon, which was the intent of the developers. It still holds up to this day. OcarinaTwilight Princess, and Skyward Sword would be great to have on Switch, but, The Wind Waker is a better option. Its cel-shaded graphics were revolutionary and still hold up to this day. It’s the most “alive” Zelda game that has come out, and even inspired the cel-shaded look of Breath of the Wild.

It’s about time Wind Waker got the respect it deserves. If The Wonderful 101 can be ported to the Nintendo Switch, why can’t Wind Waker? Nintendo desperately needs games to fill out the rest of the year, and The Wind Waker HD would help them cross the finish line leading up to the holidays and introduce the game to a whole new generation of Zelda fans.

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