Continuing the tradition of re-creating classic Zelda locales using the Unreal Engine, a video of the Water Temple made in Unreal Engine 4 was created by a YouTuber who goes by the name of Albert Wesker in this stunning video. The Water Temple is both beloved and loathed because of its perceived difficulty in the 90s, which is why it is one of the best dungeons to grace the Zelda franchise.

The video is stunning, giving us a tour of the storied temple. Wesker even added his own flavor  to the temple, including some plant life that grows in the water. The Water Temple was the pinnacle of dungeons of its day, stumping even the most hardcore Zelda fans, including yours truly. To see it brought to life in this stunning fashion leaves one breathless, thirsting for more. As more and more of these videos are coming out, there is no doubt we will see more, but it is doubtful to quench our longing for more.

The Water Temple made in Unreal Engine 4 is epic, and hopefully these fan creations can inspire Nintendo to create a true remake of the masterpiece on the Nintendo NX. Maybe for Ocarina of Time’s 20th anniversary in 2018? One can only dream . . .

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