The PlayStation 5 has been revealed, and it is a bit underwhelming at the very least. It looks like a WiFi router and is coming in two different editions: one which comes with a hard drive and one that doesn’t have a disc drive. This is redundant though and takes away from one of the major features of the PlayStation systems: a BluRay player. This may be underrated, but I use my PlayStation as a BluRay player, and taking that feature away is a travesty. Games are already available digitally, so why make an edition that is totally digital if the version of the console with a disc drive will be able to play digital games? It makes no sense.

What will be even worse is if Sony decides to overprice the disc drive edition in order to push the sales of the digital version. It is, to be frank, disgusting if they take this route. I’m all about consumer choice, but given the prices of consoles, many may be forced to go digital. Those like myself collect physical games. The PlayStation 5 looks to be a fantastic console with some solid titles coming out in the near future (hopefully early 2021), such as Horizon Forbidden West, and although the launch lineup as of now is a bit lackluster, it’s Sony; they won’t falter. The problem is the console, and there are a lot of things that could go wrong.

For those who purchase a multitude of games, how much hard drive space will the digital version have? Will it be able to handle hardcore gamers? With everything being digital, what’s the justification for paying (an estimate) roughly $400-500 for a console if you don’t physically own any games? It’s indefensible. Sony has dropped the ball here. Without a disc drive for their “cheaper” version, they may be saving money, but it won’t sell as well as the disc drive edition. Sony has to know this. It’s just a box. Sure, it looks good, but what about those in rural areas (like my parents) where download speeds are awfully slow? It takes forever to download a game, not to mention updates. It simply doesn’t work. A version with a disc drive is more optimal and gives you more options, such as the ability to play media like movies and even music on your TV from a disc. The discless PlayStation 5 can’t do that, which is one of its major downfalls.

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition is Pointless

The PlayStation 5 will be a fantastic console, no doubt, but the PlayStation 5 digital edition is pointless. It’s limiting not only to general consumers but those in rural areas without the internet speed to download all of their games. Yes, they could go with the physical edition, but will parents want to shell out the extra money for the regular edition? Will they even realize the difference come this holiday season? The answer to this is probably no. And this is a huge problem. The PlayStation 5 digital edition may be pointless, but it is Sony’s obligation to educate their consumers, especially parents, this upcoming holiday season. That, and they need to reveal some true killer apps for launch, which they have failed to do thus far.

The PlayStation 5 digital edition isn’t optimal and down the road, it won’t last. People like their physical media and a purely digital console isn’t going to go well with consumers if the price point is a lot lower than the standard edition. Sony needs to rethink their strategy if they are going to continue to dominate the video game landscape. They may think the future is digital, but people want choice, and while yes, there is a version with a disc drive coming out, it will be more expensive and this is merely an illusion of choice. We’re all rooting for Sony, but, they need to get back to what they are so well known for: making incredible games.

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