I thought given time, The Last Jedi would grown on me. With the release of Solo, which I haven’t seen just yet, my enthusiasm for my favorite film franchise is gone. Yes, I caved in and bought it on Blu Ray. Yes, I wanted to give it a second chance. The fact of the matter is, it’s not a good film. As we covered in our review, the pacing is non-existent. Luke’s character arc isn’t bad per se, but because of pacing issues, the film bounces around back-and-forth. Luke disappears for 40 minutes. The audience has no reason to invest in the new characters. Rose is especially cringe-worthy, yet that is due to the writing and not due to the actress. Rian Johnson fails to grasp the essence, and worst of all, he turns it into his own personal soapbox.

Luke Should Not Have Died

The Last Jedi is Still Horrible

There was so much buildup to Luke’s return. He is Star Wars. Yet, Rian Johnson decides to kill him off after he comes out of nowhere after 40-odd minutes. Luke is also not the type to ever give up on anyone. Yet he gives up on his own flesh and blood, Ben Solo. Killing off Luke was a huge slap in the face to viewers. Better yet, it’s a huge slap in the face to George Lucas. Why do you think Lucas never publicly supported the film? There wouldn’t be an issue if Luke died in the final act of the Trilogy, but to kill him off so prematurely was simply for shock value. It didn’t add much to the story, especially since he didn’t exactly train Rey. What was his role in the story? It was severely diminished. Star Wars has always been about the Skywalker family and Rian Johnson destroyed that, not to mention Luke was killed simply to make room for the new characters, which aren’t interesting minus Rey and Ben.

Rey Received No Training

The Last Jedi is Still Horrible

Rey seeks Luke out, the last remaining Jedi, to learn about the power awakening within her. Yet does she receive any form of training? No, only two lessons with a third one unrevealed. Luke wasn’t wrong about the Jedi and their hubris. In fact, I’ve written extensively about this. But Rey’s lack of training just re-enforces the ill-conceived notion that she’s a Mary Sue (she’s not). She’s actually a quite layered character, at least in The Force Awakens, and that’s thrown away in The Last Jedi. Yes, she picked up the Jedi texts in The Last Jedi, but as Yoda said, “Page turners they are not!” There’s no way Rey can gain her training merely from a handful of books. She needs formal training and I can’t wrap my head around why they didn’t give her the tools she needed to eventually face off against The First Order.

Canto Bight

The Last Jedi is Still Horrible

Canto Bight is the worst sequence in a Star Wars film. It’s drawn out and is an unnecessary sidetrack for our “heroes.” The political agenda put forth in the film was not appreciated either. I can see what they were trying to do, but it’s far too preachy. Star Wars has always had political undertones, but never so explicit. Johnson was pushing his own political ideology onto the viewers in an advertent fashion. That’s not Star Wars. Canto Bight doesn’t even add up to anything either because the whole plan doesn’t work. It’s a half-an-hour wasted that could have gone to Luke and more of his development, but nope, we get an overdrawn action sequence and political preaching!

The Last Jedi is Still Horrible

The Last Jedi is Still Horrible

I wanted to like The Last Jedi. It has so much potential. Yet with the release of Solo, I’ve realized my enthusiasm for Star Wars has waned. I’m actually glad I have the pre-Disney Blu Ray release of the Saga. Without George Lucas’ involvement in some capacity, these films were doomed to fail. The box office numbers are not great. Action figure sales are abysmal.

There is a chance that JJ Abrams could right the ship with Episode IX, but I’m not holding my breath.

Star Wars would be so much different if Lucasfilm would have at least used Lucas’ treatments as a backdrop for the new Trilogy. It’s unfortunate Kathleen Kennedy is less concerned about quality and more concerned about pushing her own agenda.

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