Dave Finoli is the face of Star Wars. In fact, he has been for quite some time. The Clone Wars has some of the best stories in the entire franchise. The writing staff was diverse too, full of both men and women, including one of Lucas’ daughters. That puts a knife in Kennedy’s narrative regarding female involvement in the franchise, especially since Clone Wars is possibly better than both the OT and PT with regards to storytelling. As we have reported earlier, Disney is on the verge of ditching Kennedy. She’s on her last legs and the writing is all but on the door. After the massive failure of Solo and the extreme fan division of The Last Jedi (this is not due to alt-right trolls, racists, bigots, or sexists — people on all sides of the aisle feel this way, and I know many who can testify to this fact — this is just propaganda by Lucasfilm and the shill media.)

The film was atrocious.

Disney Has Lost Faith in Kathleen Kennedy

We’re Back!

It’s sad that The Clone Wars revival has to be overshadowed by such an unfortunate turn of events, but that’s the dire situation Disney is in right now. They have lost all confidence in Kennedy’s vision of Star Wars. Rian Johnson’s Trilogy is all but dead. Kennedy said that she would carry on the tradition of Lucas’ legacy, but she’s crapped all over it. Han Solo, Luke Skywalker…two of the most beloved characters in the Original Trilogy, destroyed in one fell swoop. This is why I’m glad an Obi-Wan film is not in production, as I don’t want Kennedy to meddle with yet another classic character.

Disney Has Lost Faith in Kathleen Kennedy

The Best Female Character in Star Wars

Filoni is all but Lucas’ successor. Lucas was involved extensively in the conception of The Clone Wars and its’ episodes, who he developed with Filoni. If not for the fact that he has no experience running a film studio, he’d have Kennedy’s job on the spot. Dave Filoni is our only hope. The Clone Wars revival shows that Disney is listening to fan outrage. They’re moving backward instead of forward. All Star Wars fans loved The Clone Wars. Instead of getting something set in the Sequel Trilogy era, Disney’s creation, they are bringing back the greatest animated television series of all-time which they canceled years ago. This is a huge slap in the face to both Kennedy’s vision and legacy.

Disney Has Lost Faith in Kathleen Kennedy

Most of all, it shows a lack of confidence in the current direction of Star Wars. Sometimes the only way to know how to move forward is to go back and reflect on the past. This is what Disney is doing. Kathleen Kennedy was clearly a mistake. She’s ruined Lucas’ legacy and ruined the Sequel Trilogy, throwing Lucas’ ideas out the window (which were NOT about midichlorians by the way; more misinformation propaganda by the shill media.)

The Clone Wars revival will show us what Star Wars is about, once again, and it will spark a revolution within Lucasfilm.

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